FAQs – C-Learning App

Questions concerning the function and operation:

Does the learning portal have a learning success control of the trainers over the trainees?
No. This is currently not possible.

Is it possible to upload or create files in the Learning Portal?
No. The programs or contents are predefined and cannot be added or changed.

Is it possible to create learning groups and assign certain tasks to these groups?
No. The purchased programs are assigned to a user. It is not possible to divide or withhold the programs.

Is it possible to create tests in the Media Library (MOLA) or in the learning portal?
No. The programs or the contents are predefined and cannot be added or changed. In this case we refer to our Examination Platform (EXPLA). This tool can also be accessed via the C-Learning App. Here you can create your own tests and exercises from our pool of tasks relating to metal works. Please contact our customer service for such an offer.

Is it possible to get several accesses with only one active e-mail address?
Yes, in this case we will create so-called fake addresses for you in the number of your booked users per content.

Can the Media Library (MOLA) also be used in the browser?
No, the Media Library (MOLA) is bound to our C-Learning App. Unlike the learning portal, which can also be used with a browser.

Can the content from the Media Library (MOLA) and the learning portal also be used offline?
Yes, but this only applies to content in the Media Library (MOLA). The learning portal, on the other hand, can only be used online.

Is it possible to log in to the app on several devices at the same time with one user?
No, you can only work on one device per user.

I cannot view my content in the C-Learning App.
Make sure that you have entered and saved your user data in the app under “Settings”. Return to the start page and select either Media Library (MOLA) or Learning Portal to use your purchased courses. If an error still occurs, please contact our customer service.

Can I change my password on my own?
If you have entered an active e-mail address, you can change your password as you wish. Does not apply to fake addresses.

Can I distribute my purchased accounts to active e-mail addresses myself.
Yes, this is possible. If you want to do so, our customer service will gladly activate this function for you.

Proxy settings for the C-Learning app:

IP address:

– HTTPS Port: 443
– FTP Port: 21
– SFTP Port: 22

Can the C-Learning app be installed on the MacOS operating system?
No, unfortunately MacOS does not grant the installation.

Can I save and review the downloaded content from the Media Library (MOLA) on my local server?
No, the data is stored in the cache of the C-Learning app and cannot be used without the app.